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The Fashion does represent the finer spectrum of human creative beauty. The designing of fashion can be the ultimate expression of the inner artistic talents in a person. The beauties we see in any fashion show reflectthe visual manifestation of the inner talents of beauty of the designers. The display of elegant fashions of both contemporary and exotic ones creates an irresistible ambiance of charm and attraction in any occasion. I congratulate The Global Open University of Nagaland (TGOUN) for creating the pioneering venture of creating the facilities of fashion designing unit in the university which
will provide an affordable opportunity; under the careful guidance of a host of friendly, experienced, professionally competent teachers, to enable the young budding trainees to find expression of the hidden talents of creativity that is trapped in the mind and their imaginations. For those who has the strong urge and desire to express that creativity into reality in the best possible manner, this institute is the answer within an easy reach to fulfill the dream. In that direction, this institute in its nascent stage has done remarkably well in bringing out the first batch of qualified fashion designers ready to bloom and face the tough challenges of competitive fashion world of beauties. I wish each one of them a successful future as designers. I am confidant that the new revised prospectus that is being brought out, will be more comprehensive and complete to take care of the ever expanding sophistication of designing techniques which bring out and groom the hidden artistic talents in the trainees to its best. That will give them confidence, inspiration, happiness and a sense of usefully contributing citizen in the society.

With all best wishes.

It gives me immense pleasure in presenting this prospectus prepared by the Department of Fashion Technology, bearing new and revised programme for the students of Bachelor's Degree in Arts of The Global Open University, Nagaland, in its Kohima Campus. Functioning from the very beginning of the establishment of this university in 2006, this Department by now is fully equipped with all scientific equipments and instruments facilitating the young boys and girls to manoeuvre their talent and professional skills into wisdom and knowledge, thereby to become technologically proficient in the competitive world of fashion design management. The present prospectus is considerably modified and updated and after completion of this course, the student will find it helpful to earn reputation in the profession. We gratefully acknowledge the support received by this Department from the Government of Nagaland from time to time and as well as the public on different occasions which has enormously contributed to the growth and perfection of Department in the field of its professionalism. The State of Nagaland and the north eastern region of India, for that matter, owns a glorious reputation for its handlooms, textiles and ather handicrafts. The beautifully woven textiles, exquisitely and intricately designed shawls of various tribal communities, Naga mekhalas (sarongs), hand bags, head dress have won world-wide appreciation. The Department of Fashion Technology has been able to provide a new garb to the past glorious tradition by innovating the traditional skills oftextiles in fashion design of modern make. The students of the Department of Fashion Design and Management after successful completion of their studies have been able to venture in to fashion designing on a commercial scale, reproducing cultural fabrics that represents the past textile tradition fused with modern taste. In today's context fashion designing has tremendous potential of commercial outlets. Through this vocational and skill based course, as has been designed by the Department of Fashion Design and Management, a successful and competent student earns that skill and conviction to meet and manage the present worldwide field of fashion designing. I shall, therefore, always appreciate the technical effort of the faculty members and students of the Department of Fashion Design and Management of The Global Open University Nagaland, and for embarking academically into the new era of cultural challenges, enthusiastically, to delve into the past to bring outthe cultural identity ofthe north eastern region of India, per the colorful fabrics of the past and by designing it professionally forthefuturegloryofthis region. 

Best wishes

The launching of the Dept of Fashion Technology under The Global Open University, Nagaland is to develop the educational system in Fashion Technology and also to empower the young and enthusiastic Nag as as well as North-East youth who have a flai rfor fashion into becoming trained professionals. Our aim is to encourage and nurture the natural talent of artistic and innovative youth, and to develop the understanding and mastery of technology which will give them the confidence to express their creativity and strike out differently. Fashion industry is one of the booming industries in the world and therefore the study of fashion technology offers immense career prospects and avenues in the present aspect of employment, with a clear view that the present generation in our society is ready for new field of studies which is employment centric as well as recreational in nature. Taking into account the Department of Fashion Technology offers Degree Course, ShortTerm Courses and skill development programme as well, with a vision to offer a platform for innovative and passionate young people to express their creativity through proper educational system. University has evolved a road map to the aspiring students by offering courses of higher and job oriented education with greater depth and wider specialization. Today the current concern is to shape it so that for students and faculties alike, it becomes a limb of that higher education that leads society to the creation of the more desirable future and imagination for tangible result. I sincerely hope thatthis Dept will become a better platform for the youth to discover and nurture their unexplored talents and achieve remarkable success with a confident imagination in the days to come. I wish this Dept will be the biggest gift for the youth.

Best wishes

Courses Offered

BBA in Fashion Design : 3 years degree course (6 semesters)
programmes in the field of fashion industry as a Professional Course.....

University Objectives

The Global Open University, Nagaland has envisaged an action plan for improving the quality of education in India; it is rightly felt that quality is the single most important factor in
education, business and Government today. Chartered in 2006 through WIBP, this University maintains an open admission policy, and is the only Nagaland state assembly enacted Open
University in the state.....

Course Standard

Fashion Designing is a practical oriented programme therefore it focuses more on practical training. Students will be given more case studies during the course period and they have to submit a
project report thereon during the course period and also at the end of the year on dates announced by the department. The guideline for training and project shall be provided by the

Admission Criteria

The Application form affixed in the Prospectus must be dully filled in along with the following documents:
Attested copies of all examinations passed to date (10 & 10+2) and relevant
documents .Three pass port size photographs......