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The Department of Fashion Technology under The Global Open University, Nagaland was officially inaugurated on the 4th November 2009 by Chief Guest Shri .Lalthara, The then Chief Secretary, Govt.of Nagaland, at the University Kohima Campus. The purpose ofthe one year Diploma and three year BBA FD program is to enable and equip the present generation to compete in the global economy. The main focus is to prepare the students by helping them utilize their creativity which will in turn enable them to apply their natural talents in day to day life. The vision for these courses is to empoweryoung, passionate & talented youth by honing their creativity, channelling it thereby, tum ing them into focused citizens in solving the present unemployment crisis, however small an effort. The Global Open University, Nagaland focuses on Academic which is also holistic in nature. These Fashion Design courses are introduced with a firm commitment to facilitate and promote research in emerging areas of higher leaming in Fashion Design, technology, communication and management studies mainly for the purpose to introduce the students to the research, conceptual and design skills relevant to a career in Fashion Industry. The purpose of this programme is to introduce the students to research, conceptualize and built design skills which are mandatory to build a career in the Fashion Industry. The students will be trained to develop a professional standard required to be success in the global world.


The Global Open University, Nagaland, legislated by the Government of Nagaland under The Global Open University Act 2006 (Act 3 of 2006) received the assent of the Governor of Nagaland ,on 30 August 2006 and was notified vide Notification number Law/Act-1 0/2006 on 18 September 2006. The provisions ofThe Global Open University Act 2006 were published in the Nagaland Official Gazette on
18 September 2006 for general information.

Fashion As a Career

A career as a Fashion Designer rank high on the list for people who imagine a thrilling way of life for themselves once they are out of school. The truth is that the fashion industry is extremely competitive. If this is really what you hope to be spending your life doing you need and want, every advantage is possible to get your foot in the door, and once you complete your degree it will assist you in getting your dream job like nothing else can. But the career that you choose has a great deal to do with your personality and your niche of study.


The Global Open University, Nagaland has envisaged an action plan for improving the quality of education in India; it is rightly felt that quality is the single most important factor in education, business and  Government today. Chartered in 2006 through WIBP, this University maintains an open admission policy, and is the only Nagaland state assembly enacted Open University in the state. It is comprehensive public institution offering qualitative, & affordable post-graduate education to State of Nagaland residents at both diploma and post-graduate levels. These programs will prepare students for immediate entry into workforce, for the next level of education, for specialized employment opportunities, and lifelong learning. The University set high standards for students to meet support services, which will enable students to meet those standards. Also, to ensure institutional excellence in management and leadership, academic programs, support services, instruction & are continuously checked & upgraded in order to accommodate new and emerging job market demands.


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