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Fashion As a Career

A career as a Fashion Designer rank high on the list for people who imagine a thrilling way of life for themselves once they are out of school. The truth is that the fashion industry is extremely competitive. If this is really what you hope to be spending your life doing you need and want, every advantage is possible to get your foot in the door, and once you complete your degree it will assist you in getting your dream job like nothing else can. But the career that you choose has a great deal to do with your personality and your niche of study.

1. FASHION DESIGNER:- It is obviously the first job as a career in fashion industry, this might be your choice if you can sketch well, have good clothing sense and an innate skill for working with fabric, and also you need a refined fashion sense to design the latest trends.

2. FASHION ILLUSTRATOR: • If you have an overenthusiastically creative mind and are up to date with latest fashion styles and trends you are perfectly suited for this job. Besides strong background in Art, graphic designing media and marketing is important. This career will require you to make utmost use of your creative potential and will ultimately help to set your talent into motion.

3. FASHION BUYERS: · If you are business savvy this is great for people who have a skill predicting future trends in the industry. Fashion buyers are more responsible for
selecting the clothing that goes into a boutique or departmental stores and is in step
with the taste of the clientele.

4. PATTERN MAKER:· Pattem maker may work closely with designers, interpreting their original styles and sketches to develop a style that can be achieved by the company's equipment and staff, and which fits the image of the company's label. Pattem Maker review and interpret the design sketch.

5. COSTUME DESIGNER: • Often this route is forgotten, but in pictures the beautiful
costumes that performers wear on broadways like in Hollywood movies or any visual
television. The show would not be complete without the costumes. And this is done by
the costume designer.

6. FASHION MARCHANDIZER: • This is also one of the important career in fashion industry. It gives the opportunities to develop and utilize the talents to the fullest extent by exploring all aspect of the fashion industry. And fashion industry is one of the global demands which are never ending.

7. FASHION EVENT CO-ORDINATOR:· This is perfect for a designer who wants the glitz and glamour associated with fashion design. Fashion event are organised by the
fashion event coordinator.

8. FASHION STYLIST: -It is similar to event coordinator, but involves in selecting clothing for photo shoots, movies, commercial and advertisement on television for group of people or individual and also for different occasions.

9. FACULTY IN FASHION INSTITUTION: ·This is also one of the important careers for the designers who love to learn and teach.

10. FASHION CHOREOGRAPHER: -If you love to be in the world offashion and glamour and at the same time be creative, you are apt for a career in fashion choreographer. 

11. FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER:· Travelling to exotic location is one of the many perks you might enjoy as a fashion photographer. It is a creative job that won't keep you chained to a desk for sure. As a fashion photographer you will help fashion designer to market their design to the public.

12. FASHION JOURNALIST: · It requires expertise in fashion and advance writing skills. Fashion journalism focuses on design trends, beauty products and marketing

13. BOUTIQUE BUSINESS:· This is one of the interesting careers as a fashion designer. One can create his/her own design/collection and start one's own boutique.

Courses Offered

BBA in Fashion Design : 3 years degree course (6 semesters)
programmes in the field of fashion industry as a Professional Course.....

University Objectives

The Global Open University, Nagaland has envisaged an action plan for improving the quality of education in India; it is rightly felt that quality is the single most important factor in
education, business and Government today. Chartered in 2006 through WIBP, this University maintains an open admission policy, and is the only Nagaland state assembly enacted Open
University in the state.....

Course Standard

Fashion Designing is a practical oriented programme therefore it focuses more on practical training. Students will be given more case studies during the course period and they have to submit a
project report thereon during the course period and also at the end of the year on dates announced by the department. The guideline for training and project shall be provided by the

Admission Criteria

The Application form affixed in the Prospectus must be dully filled in along with the following documents:
Attested copies of all examinations passed to date (10 & 10+2) and relevant
documents .Three pass port size photographs......