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1. Medium of Institution & Examination:
English shall be the medium in the Institution and Examination.

2. Course Standard:
Fashion Designing is a practical oriented programme therefore it focuses more for practical training. Students will be given more case studies during the course period and they have to submit a
project report thereon during the course period and also at the end of the year on dates
announced by the department The guideline for training and project shall be provided by the

3. Eligibility to appear examination.
Students who are below 75% attendance will not be allowed to sit for final

• A candidate having passed an examination shall be allowed to re-appear for
improvement examination only after completion of the 3 years degree course.
Registration of a student counting from the year of admission is for 5 (five) years as
per academic year
• Each student will be required to pay their examination fees as informed and also
clear all dues before the given deadline. Only then he/she will be permitted to sit for
the exams
• Fees once paid shall not be refunded.

The Examination Committee of the University while determining the examination
scheme of each Year of the course will define clearly the distribution of marks fixed in
theory, practical and internal assessment.
The internal assessment shall denote the performance of the candidate in every
promotional examination held at the institute and it shall be considered as 30% of the
marks allotted to the subject in the final computing of results by the University. Details of
in course assessment for each year of course are indicated below:-
a. University examinations shall be conducted for 1 00 marks and it will be converted to
70% marks as an external examination marks and 30% will be counted as internal
assessment marks.
b. 30% in course assessment:- (5%) in attendance for those who secure above 90% of
attendance in aggregate & 25% assessment by concerned Faculty.)
c. 70% in Final Exam.

• Each student shall be required to appear for viva for every examination, in order to
test their communication ski II as well as knowledge with regards to:-
Understanding &Analysis of their Fashion Design subjects. •
• lndustryApplication
• Interpretation
The questions shall be randomly seleded from all subjects as per the BBA Fashion Design
syllabus. The Vrvavoreexamwill consistof30 marb only.
• All projects and assignments for each examination must be completed and
submitted in due time. Mark for Viva and Projects will be combined where viva will
carry 30 marks and projects will carry 70 marks resulting in a total of 100 marks.

Portfolio is the final practical to be presented and consequently submitted for the BBA in
Fashion Design Course. Each student will be required to make a portfolio in their final
year examination where the student's knowledge will be gauged through viva apart from
the assignment presentation.
Student should reach on time and report on the date of final portfolio presentation.
Students will be given a Theme, a minimum of 3 months ahead before the annual
fashion show which is to be conducted at their final year. On the 1st month, there will
be sketch construction and fabric approval. From second month onwards, students
will have to start preparing the garments that has been pre-approved by the
faculies. Each student will have to prepare at least 6 garments each for the portfolio.
The promotional garments should be complete at the end of the 2nd month, where a
photo shoot of the garment along with the student shall be taken. Finally, portfolio
presentation/viva of the entire studenrs collection will be conducted.
- 30 marks will be judged on ramp presentation
- 70 marks will be judged on one day ahead of the show.

A candidate shall be declared to have passed the semester of the 3 years Degree
Course and 1 Year Diploma if he/she has secured not less than:
I) 40% marks in each of the theory Paper.
ii) 50% marks for Practical.
iii) 45% in total aggregate in the Final Year.
iv) 40% in aggregate for promotion exam with 2 (two) backlog criteria.

a. A candidate shall be declared passed in each Semester of the 3 Year Degree
Course or 1 Year Diploma if he/she secures the qualifying marks in the Rule 7.
b. For the purpose of classification ofDegree Certificate, the following schedule will be
     i) A candidate will be awarded the First Class with Distinction, if he/she secures a
minimum of70% of the total marks.
   ii) A candidate will be awarded a First Class if he/she secures a minimum of60%
of the total marks.
  iii) A candidate will be awarded a Second Class if he/she secures a minimum of
50% of the total marks.
  iv) A candidate will be awarded a degree Simple Pass if he/she secures minimum
of 45% of the marks.