Department of Fashion Technology


The Department Fashion Technology


The University provides comprehensive state of equipments to impart both theory and practical classes for students. The facilities and services are offered to the students to explore and experiment their creativity.


The University maintains a library well equipped with the Reference books and research journals.Library facility is available to students on request by producing the library card and studentsID card.


The faculties are drawn from top professionals in academia, art, design, communications and business management, providing a curriculum rich in real-world experience and traditional educational values.Students enhance their talent by working with the faculty on various real life projects gaining invaluable knowledge, experience and awareness on design application and industry dynamic


The University provides hostel facility for both Boys and Girls separately and equipped with standard facilities. The wardens are experienced and well qualified professionals whose foremost concern is the all round development of the students. Monthly hostel fees and Mess fees are handled by the respective warden-incharge of the Hostels.


The University will provide consultancy service for the students from time to time,which will enable them to easily blend into a global network once they finish their studies.This will enhance & hasten the professional growth of the students.


The University will organize Events Occasionally,allowing the students opportunity to showcase their skills and to display their talent.At the same time,it will be a great source of motivation for the youngster.


• Annual Fashion Show • FieldTrip • Workshop • Seminar • Extra Curricular Activities • Intra Class Competition • Internship • Exposure Trip/EducationalTour

Quote of the Month

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.” 

— Gianni Versace